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El Paso, TX’s OLK9 Dog Training Blog is here to help you learn all you need to know about dog training. We talk about training methods, the Off Leash K9 Training advantage, and we give you practical tips you can do at home to get that obedient dog of your dreams!

Yes, we train hundreds of dogs every year. But equally as important, we train dog owners! Helping you understand why your dogs do the things they do can only make you a better dog owner and bring peace to your family. 

Off Leash K9 Training is the world’s highest-rated dog training company. And our El Paso Location is one of the best!

Enjoy our Blog and check back often for more tips and dog training information!

Dog Health
OLK9-El Paso

Creating a Heartworm Shield: A Comprehensive Guide for Pet Owners

A comprehensive guide to creating a heartworm prevention plan for your pets, including regular testing, preventive medications, environmental control measures, and holistic approaches. Introduction to Heartworm Prevention Heartworm disease, a significant threat to pets worldwide, is caused by the parasitic

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Life With Dogs
OLK9-El Paso

Easter Paws: Fun Activities to Celebrate with Your Dog

This article explores fun Easter activities for dogs, including creating dog-friendly Easter baskets, organizing dog-safe Easter egg hunts, making DIY Easter treats, and having an Easter-themed photo shoot with your dog, while also providing safety tips and emphasizing the importance

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Breed Highlights
OLK9-El Paso

Embracing the Charm: A Guide to Popular Irish Dog Breeds

Discover the beauty and versatility of popular Irish dog breeds, including the elegant Irish Setters, unique Irish Water Spaniels, loyal Irish Terriers, majestic Irish Wolfhounds, and versatile Kerry Blue Terriers, and learn about their distinct characteristics and care requirements. Introduction

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